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Fat Burners

The arrival of summer heat and are the main factors that cause people to be motivated to lose weight. And although this is beneficial to health, anxiety often do so quickly makes dieting and exercise are not enough to get the results you seek. Therefore, during the fourth quarter fat burners have become popular, becoming an option to supplement this work, as they are sold without prescription in pharmacies and because they have prices that people can afford.

The "fat burners" are synthetic and natural products that, by different mechanisms, help burn fat. These products have different effects on each agency, but basically, were created in order to accelerate and with it calorie expenditure, fat mobilization. There are some better known than others, such as carnitine, inositol and choline, whose function is to facilitate the transport of fat towards oxidation, while caffeine or ephedrine, are stimulants that increase energy expenditure and thus increase chances of burning fat.

About the effectiveness of these products controversies and doubts arise, but we have a general idea and do not fully trust them, we know that is not miracle products that just make us take them lose body fat, but are an aid to this and therefore the greatest responsibility is on us. That is, if we do not exercise and move, never will start the oxidation process later burn fat. And if we eat lots of excess calories, we burn everything that can then be stored because we can not use the energy consumed.

Specifically, the products of fat burners can help this, but for them to deliver the expected results, we must consume them in the recommended amounts and of course, physical activity and a balanced diet. Carnitine, for example, is necessary for fats enter the mitochondria and suffer, within it, an oxidation. For this reason, it is known as "fat burning", but our body synthesizes carnitine in the liver and although we can help accelerate this oxidation providing more carnitine, if we do not initiate the series of reactions culminating in income fats to the mitochondria, anything will result. Carnitine ingested to produce the desired effects, we burn calories and this is not compensated caloric expenditure, it is essential to have a balanced diet.

On the other hand, it is essential to know the contraindications of these products as well as potential side effects before consuming and spend money on something you can never use. The answer to the question that many have is that fat burners do work as long as we take the responsibility to make a rational use of these and also perform physical activity and live a balanced diet.

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