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Post Cycle Therapy

The use of anabolic steroids is unquestionable in sports. Consequently and unfortunately the research are few and restricted by medical ethics, so all you have is grounded in some people who "broke the rules" combining his knowledge to empiricism. So of course it's good to let, any form of administration for ergogenic purposes is completely safe, nor their ways of "prevention" return to the previous process to use.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), as its name implies, it is one or more share (s) held (s) from changes and dietary regimens and drugs after a cycle of anabolic hormonal synthetic substances, to promote some events in the body faster and / or effective and even enabling many of them to happen, something that would not happen naturally. This, in addition to avoiding numerous cases of effects and side effects.

Although not necessarily deal with something compulsory nor fundamental, post-cycle therapy may have some features in certain cases and for some individuals. This is because usually these same conduct short or average usage times of a cocktail of these substances and then stop and get another "clean" period. Turns out, the life of a professional athlete, this foundation is not well applicable. Again, we fall on the same key that the competitive sport does not really exist without drugs. In these specific cases, the solution can then be what we call "bridges" or "bridges" that are links between a heavier usage time of a cocktail party to another.

As stated, usually those seeking this recovery system in the body are users and non-professional athletes. Thus, in this case the CPC should be well performed and stimulant. But for the professional athlete, but it is dispensable, both because the vast majority of them will make prevention happen soon for their own use.

So we can do a post-cycle therapy, we need to know some key factors, including: Individuality fisiobiológica, to the extent that this will give a guideline of how your body takes to recover, as much as he is hit with some drugs, whether oral or injectable, time of use of these substances, the same dosage, frequency of use, the body's resistance to some drugs, among others.

Despite the choice of drugs to be used in TPCs be something very special and should be done carefully, knowing the maximum factors, you can choose not solely by the type of TPC, but by so much that it will also last. Today, there are some models of TPC by which one can create not only a base than done, but also use them at all, they have shown good responses since they were drafted. The advantage of following these protocols is that we will not need to run a lot through protocols, but rather "copy". Since the drawback usually happens with individuals who require many conduits self degree of specificity.

Another downside factor is the copy makes us imagine that the individual who does not identify their specific subject matter, so most likely leave medical assistance aside, something that is fundamental from the first user use more "free" than There, even the most professional athlete in your sport.

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